Overview of this legal document

By accessing and/or using the contents such as materials, resources, products, tools, services and any other included digital elements at the website nisakii.com and its related sub-domains via any medium or circumstances available, you as a user agree to comply and be well versed of being legally bound to accept the Terms and Conditions as stated in this legal document and use nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains solely for informational purpose. This legal declaration is not aimed or issued to challenge and counteract any judicial legality pertaining to any section/community of the world and is complaint well within the Indian Constitution of lawful rules, regulations and ordinances.
Should there arise any reservation or conflict with the definite stand of mutual acceptance between us and you as a user in regards to our Terms and Conditions from your end, it is highly recommended and requested to immediately stop exercising any further usage of nisakii.com website and its associated sub-domains.
The graphics, icons, logos, trademarks and associated digital elements of the website nisakii.com and its associated sub-domains, are official properties of Nisakii Infratecture Private Limited; an ingenious business consulting and contemporary engineering based company catering to complete conceptual, design, interface and software developmental phases of mobile and web based applications having registered office headquartered at 106, Pagrav, Next to Patkar College, S.V. Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai – 400062, India. However, we do not claim any copyright ownership of our third party affiliates, investors, applications, plugins or associated partners.
By agreeing to the table of contents constituted in this document, you as a user agree to adhere to all the Terms and Conditions as stated in this legal document and commit to prevent any unauthorized usage of Nisakii Infratecture Private Limited’s website nisakii.com and associated sub-domains. Nisakii Infratecture Private Limited does not grant any trade secrets, copyrights, patents, trademarks or any registered information nor is liable to do so. By agreeing to our “Terms and Conditions”; you as a user acknowledge, whole and sole to be fully aware that Nisakii Infratecture Private Limited reserves the absolute right to frequently and significantly update this charter of “Terms and Conditions” as when mandated based on our revised policies and amendments without any prior intimidation sent to you. In effect from: 31th May, 2014

Limited License:

By assessing the website nisakii.com and associated sub-domains; you are entitled to non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access the contents and related digital elements exclusively for informational purposes. You confirm to not engage, encourage or challenge any form/(s) of copying, deriving, editing, modifying, noting and/or referring the digital elements in parts or entirety from the website nisakii.com and associated sub-domains.

Responsible usage by the User:

As a user trying to access nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains, you adhere to commit and understand to the following:
• You will not involve or resort in any wrongful practice with the intention to malign or tarnish the overall image of Nisakii Infratecture Private Limited.
• Accept and completely adhere to all our necessary guidelines as designated for nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains as issued in this legal document.
• Use nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains in keeping in lieu of lawful acts and regulations in accordance with the Indian Constitution.
• Will not perform, execute, upload, engage in any unlawful or misleading forms of practices such as spamming, uploading adult themed contents, transmitting malicious codes such as virus like and similar to Trojan, spyware, malware, logic bombs, worms, key-loggers and any other automated attacks tools like DOS or DDOS aimed at potentially damaging the operation of our website or a part in general. If so found guilty, you are liable for being charged for defaming the brand of Nisakii Infratecture Private Limited and compensating for any overheads involved.
• Will never disseminate, distribute, issue, track or record information details present in the nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains without our prior confirmation and approval.
• Preserve and avoid changing or impairing any functionality (working/not working) of nisakii.com and associated sub-domains.
• Will not perform or encourageto any malicious intended marketing tactics aimed for a lucrative gain or demeaning anyone.
• Use our website solely for informational purposes with no added intention or hidden agenda in any medium.
• You will not vandalize or defame any contents from the nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains and adhere to all the copyright information being present or made available via this legal document by preserving in accepted uncontested construct and as an entity.
• You agree to acknowledge that we may scrutinize, modify, delete, revise our contributed information as we please, and we reserve the absolute right to do so.

Third party litigation:

• If you as a user accept any third party affiliated plugin/(s) or application/(s), Nisakii is no longer involved in the process of sharing or usage of your information as deemed fit by that entity. We do not hold in to account for any improper conduct resulted or noted due to your usage in to inappropriate depiction of your information, display of private or solicited information as entered by you on their encouragement or unwarranted leakage of other users’ information via you. As mentioned, you are solely liable and responsible for any consequences resulted henceforth between you and that referenced entity.
• You agree to waiver that Nisakii Infratecture Private Limited or its registered units such as nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains, will not be held responsible for any legal binding charges/restrictions whatsoever nor liable for compensation by us due to any unwarranted damages incurred due to usage of our website or our affiliated/non-affiliated third party entity on you.

No Warranties

The information provided in the nisakii.com website and its associated sub-domains bears no confirmation or foremost guarantee in any kind implied/not implied in parts or whole whatsoever to synchronize or fulfil the understanding, knowledge and definitions of the contents.
There is no guarantee that the digital essence of the nisakii.com website and its associated sub-domains may not be liable to defects, inaccuracies or typographical errors introduced in spite of our best efforts executed and timely revisions performed from our end.


• As a user, you concur and acknowledge with the established fact that if there is any direct, incidental, punitive, financial, consequential, professional, personal, positional loss in image or brand whatsoever due to the usage of nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains; you will indemnify and hold Nisakii completely innocent.
• This is taken as a confirmed undertaking that you in your full mental consciousness have not been pressured, mentally and physically stressed, harassed from our end while accepting so.
• The information received from your end helps us streamline various managerial, administrative, commercial decisions such as recruiting and hiring promising candidates, identifying humans from non-humans and distinguishing the age traffic governing and controlling traffic on our nisakii.com website and its associated sub-domains.

Limitation of Liability

At any point of time; we cannot be held responsible and/or accused for any misgivings, losses incurred due to the quality and features provided by our services with/without any limitation expressed thereof, and confirm that there will be no charges and judicial proceedings subpoenaed/summoned/charged on us from your end issued via any governmental and/or judicial part of the world.

Site Availability

For any downtime or interruptions resulted in displaying or loading the web pages of our website in partial or conventional form, the user will relinquish any accusation, opposition or cause of any form of physical and mental stress and/or torture from his/her end. It is not in our interests nor do we hold accountable for any recurring downtime incurred due to such unplanned circumstantial events.

Privacy and Security

Since Nisakii constantly endeavours to manifest and materialize as a ground-breaking technology innovator, it records and tracks your usage history for internal analysis, commercially inclined lucrative opportunities, future research, protecting user safety and security, investigating improper conduct performed by users or affiliated/non-affiliated third party applications, service enhancement and testing purposes. A major portion of our lucrative capital is consumed for maintaining and preserving the digital elements of nisakii.com website and its associated sub-domains from any altercations, impairment, vandalization and/or exploitation from any medium.
• Whenever you access nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains, Log Files are maintained by our servers which automatically records your IP address, web browser, operating system, location of access, mobile phone carrier (if accessing via mobile phone), web pages visited, cookie information and search data.
• Nisakii uses cookies to allow scrutinize your search and customize our services based on your usage history – however, this is completely optional for users can change the browser setting to stop accepting cookies.

User Information and Protection by Nisakii

• Email address information is required to send mainstream regular newsletters, recruitment updates, alerts, impeachment details, fabricated information warnings, and tips to stay protected from any mischievous endeavours followed by miscreants.
• Additionally, commercial newsletters and advertisements as promoted by Nisakii or its affiliated third party applications, vendors or partners will be sent with an opt-out/unsubscribe option available if so the user chooses to.
• Nisakii will never share your personal information to any third party and in the event or situation of sharing with any third party entity for commercial purpose, will duly ask permission from you before doing so.
• For any clarifications required regarding our Terms and Conditions, you can reach us at contact@nisakii.com and we will tend to if within our scope.


• We/Us/Nisakii/Our end implies the umbrella term for Niskaii Infratecture Private Limited including CEO, Board of Directors, administrative management, employees, affiliates, investors, associates, innovators, partners and officers working with or in tandem digitally and/or offline including the nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains.
• You/your end/user imply anyone human/non-human using and/or accessing the nisakii.com website and associated sub-domains and/or visiting the office in person.
• Third parties imply any registered sponsors, partners, and stakeholders of Nisakii Infratecture Private Limited. Also, it can mean any external entity without any remote connection with Nisakii Infratecture Private Limited including relevant investors, innovators and associates.